What Does Retail Delivery Look Like in 2022? ǀ DROP2GO

What Does Retail Delivery Look Like in 2022?


Global Statistics

In December, Bringg.com conducted a study of 500 retailers spanning six countries, including the US and the UK. They aimed to discover retailers’ perspectives on their current strengths and weaknesses. DROP2GO looks at the results to help local retailers identify and overcome their retail delivery challenges.

Is Your Tech Top Notch?

According to Bringg’s study, 44% of retailers use more than one delivery fulfilment channel, using different technology. This creates a nightmare when correlating delivery data or dealing with delivery issues. Essentially retailers need a single fulfilment channel that manages their delivery processes and data. Unified delivery technology means more efficient order completion. DROP2GO provides the ideal technology to harmonise your delivery processes.

Is Same-Day Delivery on The Cards for Your Store?

99% of study participants anticipated providing same-day delivery by 2025. Same-day delivery is a must in the next three years to stay abreast of the competition. Customer demand dictates delivery processes and customers want their goods fast. Many challenges face same-day delivery, lack of technology, real-time visibility, and distance are top of the list. DROP2GO brings you state-of-the-art technology which prioritises real-time visibility and links you to local couriers to reduce distance.

Are You Automating Your Delivery Processes?

Over 50% of retailers still operate their last-mile processes manually. Apart from taking more time, manual planning lacks efficiency and optimisation. Stores that continue to run manual delivery are already on the back foot going into 2022. DROP2GO automates route planning to make for smooth sailing from dispatch to delivery.

Can You Meet Your Delivery Deadlines?

On-time delivery relies heavily on real-time data. Only 29% of retailers in Bringg’s study could consistently meet their delivery windows, claiming a lack of data. Struggling to deliver timeously now means enormous challenges if you plan to offer same-day delivery. You must have access to tools to streamline travel time whilst offering visibility. DROP2GO’s app provides real-time driver tracking, as well as delivery updates and sign-on-glass instant proof of delivery. With DROP2GO, delivery on time is a given.

Are You Using Multiple Delivery Providers?

Modern needs dictate a move away from traditional one company, on courier models. To scale delivery as much as possible, retailers need to use multiple delivery providers. Managing teams of carriers can present complications. DROP2GO helps you monitor which courier you use for specific tasks or areas. Our app also tracks payments and bills between you and your courier, so you don’t have to worry.

The Move Towards Sustainable Delivery

Another global concern is carbon emissions. With the increased delivery provision and increased carrier, fleets come with environmental issues. Worldwide retailers and delivery providers alike are pushing for more sustainable delivery methods. Many fleets overseas use EV vehicles, and 1 in 3 have moved to bike fleets. Happy customers are a top priority, but the drive towards sustainability is a crucial consideration.

Make the Most of Your Retail Delivery in 2022

The world is finally beginning to normalise, and business is once again starting to boom. Stay on track, on time and at the front of the pack by offering premium delivery services. DROP2GO gives you the tools to make it happen.


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