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How to Streamline Retail Delivery

Calling All Retailers! Delivery Matters

Not so long ago, retailers and distributors did not have to offer delivery services to be competitive. Today, retail delivery is not only expected by customers but also needs to be cost-effective and pain-free. This is particularly important for large goods retailers, like furniture, appliance, and hardware stores. If these stores do not offer delivery in their consumer experience, they narrow their customer base considerably. Customer satisfaction and retention rely on streamlined retail delivery. Picture this, Thandi hears excellent reviews about your store and the quality of your products. She rolls up in her snazzy little Audi. After browsing extensively, she picks out a costly fridge. “Where can I leave my address for delivery?” she asks, promising to tell all her friends about your super service. Only for your salesperson to awkwardly tell her that you do not deliver. Thandi puts her purse away in a huff and leaves without buying anything. DROP2GO to the rescue! We’ve put together some tips to help you implement and streamline retail delivery, which in turn will mean more sales.

You Need a Retail Delivery Service

Obviously, you want to avoid upsetting the Thandi’s but having a delivery service can benefit all your customers. Many customers may not have access to the correct transportation to fetch and carry large goods. Offering a delivery service leads a lot of people to favour your store. It is one less thing to worry about for them. Certain goods, like fridges, must be transported in a specific way. Controlling your delivery ensures that when your goods get to the customer, they are in good condition. So, how do you go from no delivery to a top-notch delivery service? There are a lot of options, but accessing appropriate technology should be your first step. A delivery management system, such as DROP2GO, ensures that your service is quick and reduces the risk of mistakes. You can outsource your retail delivery to third party logistics companies (3PLs), create an in-house network or empower owner-drivers. DROP2GO connects you to various carriers, enabling you to offer your client a variety of options.


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Easy-to-Arrange Delivery Keeps Customers Smiling

You may already have a retail delivery system in place. That’s great, but how easy is it for the customer to arrange their delivery? Chances are, if Thandi must sit for half an hour filling in a million forms, she won’t be pleased. She will be even less impressed if delivery is going to take 7 to 10 working days. Quick and easy delivery enhances the customer experience. People do not like filling out forms. Train your salespeople to take down the necessary information efficiently. When you collect a customer’s information, verify it on site. This saves your staff from follow up calls with irritated customers. A helpful tool found on the DROP2GO app verifies your customer’s address in a few quick steps. Train your salesperson to identify complications with addresses. They can then ask the customer what the carrier needs to know to get to them.

Reasonable Delivery Fees Are A Must

By this point, Thandi is beaming, pleasantly surprised by your efficiency. Your salesperson then presents her with an exorbitant delivery fee. Thandi may well be able to afford it, but that is not the point. She has purchased an expensive item from you and expects a free, or at least reasonably priced, delivery. Managing your delivery fees improves not only customer satisfaction but also impacts your bottom line. You do not need to offer free delivery with large goods. People do expect it to cost them something. However, if your delivery cost significantly increases the cost of large goods, you may lose customers. DROP2GO lets you closely manage delivery fees charged by drivers enabling you to manage your costs. Access to a range of trusted carriers allows you to find options to fit your customer’s budget.

Keep Your Customer Up To Date on Delivery Status

You have sent difficult Thandi happily on her way to await the arrival of her fancy new buy. She calls daily. Where is her fridge? Why is it taking so long? Why can’t you keep her updated? Your staff start to hide when the phone rings, and Thandi swears, “never again!” Rather avoid this scenario altogether. Keeping your client abreast of the status of their delivery gives them peace of mind. Automated technology that does it for you provides you and your staff to breathe and be confident of a job well done! The DROP2GO App keeps you and your customer regularly updated on their delivery.

Location, Location, Location – It’s All in The Tracking

Thandi gets her delivery update, her fridge is out for delivery, but she has lunch with the girls today. Someone needs to be at home to receive the refrigerator. What now? Tracking delivery progress is crucial for your customers. Very few people have the time to sit at home and wait for their goods to arrive. If they can track delivery, they can go about their day and plan to be home when necessary. Fewer failed deliveries for you and less stress for your customers.

Keep the Lines of Communication Open

Thandi watches her delivery tracking closely. She has made sure to be home for her delivery, but it is late. Thandi is NOT happy. After several calls between her, your store, and the driver, you tell her load-shedding traffic delayed him. It is an unavoidable delay, but Thandi is highly unimpressed that no one let her know. Most of your customers will be reasonable people and understand that delays happen. What puts customers off is a lack of communication. There is nothing more annoying than having to wait for a delivery with no idea what is happening. Keep the communication lines open between your driver, your customer, and your store. DROP2GO has a handy in-app chat feature. Your driver can communicate directly with your customer, and you can monitor it. Your customer is in the know, which keeps them happy.

Customer Satisfaction Leads to Retail Conversion

Your customer satisfaction is the backbone of your business, and retailers are on the frontline dealing directly with customers. Satisfied clients come back and review stores well. Convenient and easy delivery goes a long way towards this. With these helpful tips, even the most painful consumer will be raving about your store.

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