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Start Your Own Township Business Delivery Service

Start a Township Business and Become a Kasi Entrepreneur

One fantastic silver lining to the COVID-19 pandemic is the growth of small businesses, particularly in townships. Large corporate chains rarely have township branches, and many Kasi entrepreneurs took advantage of this during lockdown. Township business types include laundry services, spaza shops and Kota stalls. In a world where staying home is preferred and online is king, township delivery businesses have blossomed.

Companies like Uber and Mr Delivery have monopolised this field in the suburbs, but not necessarily in townships. These services are not always a cost-effective or convenient choice for township businesses. Kasi businesses often opt to use owner-drivers or do not deliver at all.

This gap in the market creates room for more personal delivery services dedicated to townships.


What Do You Need to Start a Kasi Delivery Business?

You do not need to incur massive costs to start a delivery business. Depending on how you plan to get from A to B, a delivery business is relatively easy to create. All you need is a form of transportation, like a scooter or even a bicycle and your smartphone.


What Do You Need to Know to Start a Kasi Delivery Business?

So, you have your vehicle and your smartphone, now what? No two delivery businesses will be the same, and township businesses are unique to their area. Here are some helpful tips when starting.


Choose Your Vehicle and Work Out Your Delivery Costs

To set up your delivery charges, you need to know your cost per kilometre. Using a bicycle costs nearly nothing, but you are then limited by what you can carry. If you have access to a bakkie, you can deliver from wholesalers to spaza shops and charge more.

Once you know what vehicle you will be using, you can work out your cost per kilometre. Then, add a profit margin to this cost. Be sure not to out-price yourself, but do not sell yourself short either. Your price needs to consider your vehicle maintenance, as well as your time and fuel. However, it also needs to be affordable to your customers.

You can create a base price for your services and add extra charges for urgent or far deliveries.


Reputation is Key in Township Business

When starting any business, it is vital to build trust with your customers. Trust is especially relevant in the delivery business.
A township environment is unique in that you are likely to know a lot of your customers well. This familiarity makes providing exemplary service in a township business crucial. You do not want to harm your personal relationships with lousy customer service.

Make sure that you use the utmost care when handling goods. Also, consider somewhat overestimating the time it will take to deliver, rather than underestimating. Customers expect a high level of reliability from their delivery services, and many township residents do not trust delivery. Put your customers at ease and ensure success by proving you deliver goods on time and in pristine condition.


Focus on Your Township Delivery Area

When starting, consider focusing on a smaller area; this stops you from overstretching. You will be more comfortable finding addresses in a place you know well.

An essential aspect to township business is in who you know. Depending on your vehicle capacity, approach spaza shops, laundry services or popular vendors in your area. If these stores do not already offer a delivery service, pitch the idea to them. People will love the idea of being able to get their favourite Kota delivered to their door.

Kasi entrepreneur Thulani Mkhabela started a delivery service for his community in Tembisa when the pandemic hit. He focused on an area he knew and partnered with local shops, pharmacies and even laundromats. By June 2020, Mkhabela’s delivery business was doing so well that they were developing an app. However, Mkhabela has reportedly said that the app’s development was costing “an arm and a leg.” Luckily, DROP2GO can save you that expense.

How DROP2GO Can Help You Become a Kasi Entrepreneur

DROP2GO is a fully integrated app that allows you to run your delivery service from any device. It will help you optimise your routes and connect with stores. It even allows you to keep track of how much each client owes you.

With DROP2GO, both the store owner and the customer you are delivering to can track your progress. This helps build your trust rating with your clients. You are even able to communicate instantly with customers from the app.

If you are considering starting your Kasi entrepreneurial journey, let DROP2GO help you on your way. We offer a free 30-day, 50 delivery trial so you can see just how beneficial DROP2GO is to your business.


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