How to Use Agricultural E-Commerce to Start a Delivery Business ǀ DROP2GO

A Fruitful New Farmers Market

Agricultural e-commerce is an untapped market ripe for development. Globally, farmers have taken to the internet to sell their produce. What is their strongest drawcard? Farm to door delivery.


Growing the Global Grapevine

Farmers can now create an additional sales revenue using technology. Starting an agricultural e-commerce business requires as little as a cell phone and a WhatsApp group. Agriculturalists worldwide have turned to online business. This market became prevalent during the pandemic. It provided people with farm-fresh produce without them leaving their homes. A key element in this is efficient, cost-effective last-mile delivery.


A Basic Overview of Agricultural E-Commerce

Consumers appreciate the convenience of online shopping and farm to door delivery. Farmers take orders online or even use their messaging app of choice. Some present a selection of produce available, while many offer set packages of seasonal fruit and veg. Offering a set package makes life easier for the e-commerce operator as every parcel is precisely the same. Many use plastic-free and reusable packaging to enhance the eco-friendly earth to table experience. Once packed, the produce must get from the farm to the consumer’s fridge as quickly as possible. Here’s where the last mile comes in.


How Budding Entrepreneurs Can Get Involved

There are a few ways to break into agricultural e-commerce. Whether you are tech-savvy or looking to get out on the road, there is an option for you.


At Root Level

One way to break into this field is to build the online market yourself. If you have an entrepreneurial spirit, then this is for you. You will need to find the right online platform and source farmers to supply you. Then, slightly more challenging, you need to attract customers. Finally, you will need to orchestrate the last mile, and luckily DROP2GO makes this your most straightforward step. This is all entirely possible and can be a fruitful business venture.


A Little Further Down the Supply Chain

If starting from the ground up is not your thing, position yourself as the ideal last-mile partner. Farmers starting in agricultural e-commerce need transport partners they can rely on. From top-level transport practices to quick delivery and expert customer service, a transporter needs it all. Hone all of these skills and prove yourself as the sought-after farming delivery partner.


Prestige Farm to Table Service

Regardless of how you choose to burst into agricultural e-commerce, your last mile needs to be faultless.


Getting There Fast

Route optimisation is essential in this field. Getting from A to B fast is a matter of necessity, not a choice. Using navigation apps can be beneficial. However, if you transport parcels to multiple addresses planning your route is time-consuming. Last-mile delivery apps, like DROP2GO, let you input the addresses of your drop-offs and plan the routes for you. DROP2GO offers route optimisation, meaning we get you from A to B to Z as speedily as possible.


Breaking Distance Barriers

Managing your admin is crucial in any e-commerce venture. This may be tricky with agricultural e-commerce characterised by considerable distances between transporters and administrators. DROP2GO can help. The app offers a sign-on-glass electronic proof of delivery so you can manage your records with ease.


Keeping a Finger on the Financial Pulse

Finances in a small agricultural business need strict management. Knowing your transport costs is vital for your bottom line as a supplier. Tracking who owes you what is difficult but differentiates between thriving and failure as a transporter. On the DROP2GO app, it is easy to see what a transporter will charge as their rates are displayed. As a supplier, you can choose one in your price range. Both transporters and suppliers have access to simplified DROP2GO’s financial process tool. So that you can keep track of everything effortlessly.

Get in On the Growth

Right now, agricultural e-commerce is low hanging fruit for entrepreneurs. Grab it with both hands while the market is fresh! DROP2GO can get you started with the right tools for the job.


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