How to Improve Your Last-Mile Delivery in 2022 ǀ DROP2GO

How to Improve Your Last-Mile Delivery in 2022


Starting on the Right Foot Next Year

It has been a rollercoaster ride for all businesses over the last year or so. The need to adapt to constantly changing COVID regulations has been ever-present, especially where delivery is concerned.

DROP2GO knows the struggle, and we are here to help. Here’s what you need to know to be in tip-top shape for superior last-mile delivery in 2022.


Make Last-Mile Delivery a Top Priority in 2022

As online shopping has increased, so has the demand for last-mile delivery. Since 2021 businesses, particularly in the retail sector, have focused on streamlining delivery services. In 2022 customers will expect their goods to arrive on their doorsteps problem-free.

Customer-centric, technologically advanced last-mile delivery is on the cards for next year.


Technology is a Delivery Essential

Technology has played a considerable part in the development of last-mile delivery and will continue to do so. From delivery management software to drone delivery, the sky is the limit in upcoming tech trends.


Look to the Cloud for Maximum Efficiency

Software-as-a-service (SaaS) or cloud application services are apps you can download or access directly from the internet. Gmail is an example of SaaS, as is DROP2GO.

These cloud application services gather the information that allows them to develop faster and more efficient processes. SaaS platforms have become an integral part of last-mile delivery management.

Apps, like DROP2GO, let you validate a customer’s address before processing a sale to save on failed deliveries. Algorithms in the software optimise delivery routes and allow for changes according to traffic conditions. The AI technology in these programs helps them learn and optimise methods constantly.


Some Novel Technology for the Future

Overseas, technology is becoming a more concrete aspect of the last mile. From electric or self-driven vehicles to drone delivery, greener and more efficient delivery is the goal.

Amazon has invested a large amount of money in Aurora, a company developing self-driving vehicles. Google is even testing delivery using drones. However, it may take South Africa a while to get to this Jetsons-like point.


Customer Centred Delivery is Key

All businesses know that the customer is king. However, customers are becoming more and more demanding in the delivery space. Meeting their expectations is vital in 2022.


The Faster the Last-Mile, the Better

When people want something, they want it now. Customers are no longer content to wait for their goods to be delivered. Offering same-day delivery, where you can, will give you an advantage over the competition. This may not be possible for all businesses but offering the fastest possible delivery is paramount to customer satisfaction.


Keep Delivery “on Track”

Customers expect tip top customer service, keeping them updated and in the loop on their delivery. Using delivery technology like DROP2GO takes care of this for you. Your customer gets constant updates on their delivery status and can track it once dispatched. It gives you less to worry about, even using electronic proof of delivery for your records.


The Emphasis is on Simplifying Logistics

Last-mile delivery in 2022 places great importance on simple logistical practices to increase speed and cut costs. Delivery logistics become a well-priced piece of cake by linking into multi-depots and in-sourcing or contracting owner-drivers.


Easy Nationwide Delivery with Multi-Depot Links

Using good delivery management software and multi-depot routing can optimise your customer service in a big way. Previously, goods would be shipped from various depots to one central warehouse and dispatched from there. This is far from efficient for obvious reasons. Shipping goods from a depot in Durban to a warehouse in Joburg for a business based there makes sense. However, this is not the case when goods are then sent back to a customer in Durban.

Software AI can identify whether it is more efficient to ship directly from the depot to the customer. DROP2GO gives you the technology to build a nationwide depot to customer driver network. Delivery directly from the depot cuts down ETAs and reduces costs.


Cost-Effective Insourcing and Owner Driver Contracting

Relying on your own fleet for delivery gives you greater control and allows you to manage your delivery budget. Many companies are also turning to hybrid fleets.

A hybrid fleet uses an insourced network as well as third-party providers such as owner-drivers. Contracting out to owner-drivers is often cheaper than using large 3PLs. As an added benefit, your business empowers other small business owners and boosts the economy by doing this.

DROP2GO gives you the tools to manage your insourced fleet as well as your contracted owner-drivers. On the app, you can keep a record of the owner-drivers that you prefer to work with. A history of your financial status with owner-drivers is also in one easily accessible platform.


Prepare for Last-Mile Delivery in 2022 with DROP2GO

DROP2GO keeps you at the forefront of the last-mile delivery revolution. Our technology offers you all you need to keep your fleet on track and optimise your processes. The app learns from your operations so that you can adapt to anything 2022 may throw your way.


Take DROP2GO for a test run and prepare for 2022 with our free trial