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Retailers are Opting for In-House Delivery Systems – Here’s Why


The Benefits of an In-House Delivery System

Delivery systems vary. Many retailers outsource their delivery to a third-party logistics company (3PL). However, more and more retailers are choosing to use an in-house delivery system for local deliveries.

In a nutshell, an in-house delivery system is owning and controlling your last-mile delivery method. Retailers either own a fleet of vehicles and employ drivers or use a network of owner-drivers. In both cases, you dictate how goods get from your store or warehouse to your customers.

There are pros and cons to any delivery system. Using a 3PL may seem like an easy option, but it can be costly. On the other hand, an in-house delivery system can provide a more convenient and hands-on approach to delivery.

Here are some of the benefits of running delivery in-house.


Your Deliveries are Under Your Control

Nothing is more critical than ensuring smooth operations in your business. Control over your delivery network navigates away from possible vulnerabilities in your system.

An in-house delivery system puts the reins in your hands. For a start, your customers’ information stays in-house, which helps them feel secure. The decision on routes, strategies, systems, and technology is also yours to tailor to your business needs.

Control over your delivery network allows it to grow with you and not be constrained to 3PL capabilities.


You Regulate the Delivery Budget

There are cost benefits to both in-house delivery systems and 3PLs. However, when your delivery network is in-house, you are not at the mercy of someone else’s transaction costs.

Employing an in-house delivery system can help you budget and manage your delivery costs directly. You have the freedom to hire drivers within your budget. Optimising your routes and strategies to suit your needs can further save costs.

In-house delivery allows you to tailor your delivery spend.


In-House Delivery Is Personalised Specifically to Your Business

No one understands your business as you do. Using an in-house delivery system ensures that your delivery strategy meets your business requirements.

You may need vehicles that meet specific haulage weight requirements or are capable of cold storage. Your understanding of what you need can directly translate into efficient and productive delivery using an in-house network.


Maintain Your Expected Level of Service from Purchase to Delivery

Customer satisfaction is the cornerstone of every retailer’s business success. In-house delivery lets you ensure customer satisfaction by communicating directly with the customer, maintaining your level of service.

Your drivers know what you expect of them and the level of customer service expected from the business. If something is amiss or a customer has a query, you can deal with them directly instead of a go-between.


You Choose the Delivery Technology

Any delivery network needs all technology to talk to each other and operate together. In-house delivery means that you choose what programmes to use. No need to adapt your infrastructure to suit a 3PLs’ system.

DROP2GO is the perfect tool to fit neatly into your business and simplify your in-house delivery system.


How DROP2GO Supports In-House Delivery

Delivery management software makes establishing an in-house delivery system a breeze. Last-mile software, like the DROP2GO app, automates the process for you. Using software makes creating your in-house delivery system simple and easy.

DROP2GO has worked to make the whole last-mile process as straightforward as possible. Here’s how you could benefit from using the app.


Connect Your Store with Drivers

Whether you have a fleet or choose to empower owner-drivers, DROP2GO makes store to driver connection seamless. The DROP2GO app allows you to track and communicate with your driver throughout delivery.

If you prefer outsourcing, we provide a list of vetted owner-drivers listed by cost and reputation. The app records your preferred owner-drivers and allows you to choose based on price and speed.


Keep Track with Live Visibility

DROP2GO makes keeping track of your deliveries a breeze. The live map visibility capability allows you to track exactly where your driver is. You know where your goods are from store to customer, every step of the way.


Easy and Efficient Payment Management

Full financial transparency is in the palm of your hand with the DROP2GO app. No more time-consuming accounting and reconciliation. Amounts owing are easily visible to both you and an owner-driver. Alternatively, if you are using your fleet, you can easily track your delivery expenses. Your accounts department will thank you for using the DROP2GO app.


Optimise Customer Experience

Dreading customer delivery queries is now a thing of the past. DROP2GO offers multiple capabilities to optimise your customers’ experience. End-to-end visibility allows them to track their delivery, and up to date ETAs keep them constantly informed.

Your driver can contact customers directly through the app reducing the danger of delivery failures. Now you can focus on making sure your customer loves your product without worrying about delivery hassles.

Retailers benefit from the cost-effective, hands-on approach of in-house delivery. Keep your eye on the ball and improve your profit margin with an in-house delivery system and DROP2GO.


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