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Do You Have an Efficient Agricultural Supply Chain?


The Growing Need for Farm Fresh Delivery

With wellbeing being an ever-present concern, many people have turned to a healthier and less processed diet. This is excellent news for farmers and fresh produce stores. However, consumers expect these goods to be delivered to them quickly and in pristine condition.

The past two years have seen a burgeoning South African eCommerce market. Everything from large appliances to essential food items is available online. It is time to optimise your agricultural supply chain and ensure that you stay up-to-date and competitive.


Agricultural eCommerce in an African Climate

According to the World Bank Group, the pandemic has driven a global increase in agricultural e-commerce. This rise extends into many of Africa’s developing countries. Selling food from the farm to store or directly to table is easy, even when using just a smartphone.

The ability to sell products online is a massive benefit to many in Africa, including small-scale farmers. It provides an income to several who may have gone without during lockdowns while promoting fresh food consumption.


Challenges and Solutions in the Agricultural Supply Chain

The transport required for farm-fresh delivery is unique. Depending on the produce, cold chain processes may be necessary.

The large diversity of cold chain requirements in the agricultural supply chain can complicate delivery. Certain produce requires transport at a specific temperature and humidity level. Many fruits and vegetables vary in this regard.

Another important consideration is that separate transport is necessary for fruits with varying ethylene release. For example, tomatoes will spoil quicker if transported with a high ethylene release fruit, like bananas.

These peculiarities in the agricultural last mile create challenges with sourcing cost-effective couriers. DROP2GO can help large- and small-scale farms remove these obstacles and streamline effective fresh delivery.


Finding Appropriate Transport in Rural Areas

Finding reliable couriers with appropriate vehicles for agricultural cold chain delivery in remote areas is difficult. Given that most farming takes place in remote or rural areas, we had to address this.

DROP2GO has an extensive database of couriers. Both 3PLs and owner-drivers with varying carrying capabilities across South Africa are accessible from our app. Farm owners source and select the service provider that fits their needs best.


Combating the Need for Easy and Affordable Logistics Services

Remote locations and complex requirements tend to render the agricultural supply chain expensive. Large scale farms may work this into their costing, but it still raises their bottom line. Small scale or niche farms do not have as much flexibility with their expenses.

In the DROP2GO app, transporters rank according to cost and speed. Farm owners search for their couriers within their budget and timeline. We know how important it is to your agricultural eCommerce that produce arrives timeously, unspoiled and on budget.


Providing Full Last Mile Visibility

Visibility is crucial, whether your farm-fresh delivery is going directly to your customer or a store. When dealing with foodstuffs, particularly fresh goods, knowing where they have been is essential for food safety.

Trace and track systems, such as DROP2GO’s live shipment tracking, gives a full view of the agricultural supply chain. Everyone involved in the growth and sale of fresh food knows where it has been. This visibility keeps store owners and customers happy and gives farmers peace of mind.


Prepare for Success

Digitising the agricultural supply chain in an African context is no longer costly or complicated. The growth of farming eCommerce creates opportunity, and DROP2GO helps realise it.

Our app is an inexpensive last-mile delivery management system ideally suited to farm-fresh delivery. Regardless of your farm’s scale, DROP2GO can offer you a logistics solution in the palm of your hand.

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